ToR: Training Consultancy in N-VIVO use for Never Again Rwanda Staff

Training Consultancy in N-VIVO use for Never Again Rwanda Staff

Terms of Reference

  1. Background and circumstances of the training

Never Again Rwanda (NAR) is implementing a  short-term research project where it is looking at citizen participation . This research follows a purely flexible qualitative design and it covers 15 Districts of Rwanda namely Gasabo

, Karongi, Rutsiro, Nyabihu, Nyaruguru, Huye, Nyamagabe, Gatsibo, Rutsiro, Kayonza, Nyagatare, Musanze, Gakenke, Burera and Gicumbi. About 67hour long Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and 75 hour long Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) are tentatively planned to be conducted, which implies that the research at hand will generate large qualitative data sets. To date, the research is still in its field work phase with a computer assisted in-depth data analysis phase scheduled to start in the early weeks of 2018 once field work and data transcribing are finalized.

It is against this background that NAR seeks to recruit an individual national consultant who is highly qualified and experienced in the use of N-VIVO software to design and deliver a highly practical training to its research staff. The intended trainingis scheduled to take place in the second week of January 2018 in Kigali.

2. Objectives

The successful consultant will be tasked to impart knowledge and skills to NAR research staff on the use of N-VIVO for purposes of management of large sets qualitative data. More specifically, he/she will strive to meet the following objectives:

  1. To emphasize the advantages/benefits of using N-VIVO to process large qualitative data compared to doing it manually or using other existing softwares;
  2. To design a cutting-edge, user friendly, simplified but concise and practical training manual on the use of N-VIVO for the processing of large qualitative data sets;
  3. To deliver the training content during 3 consecutive days exclusively using adapted modern adult learning methods;
  4. To dedicate 4 days of on-job support to a number of trained staff in the course of application of newly gained skills to computer-assisted (N-VIVO) data analysis.
  5. Duration and expected learning outcomes

3.1 Duration & timelines

The assignment will last a maximum of 10 days spread over two months as follows:

  • 3 days of training manual content developmentin the first last week of December, 2018;
  • 3 days of training content delivery early in the second week of January 2018;
  • 4 days(in the third week of January 2018) of on-job support during the application of newly gained skills to computer-assisted (N-VIVO) processing of collected data.

3.2 Expected learning outcomes

The content of the training manual shall be organized in such a way that, at the end of the training, the trainees would be able to strongly understand the following in relation to the use of N-VIVO and apply newlygained knowledge and skills to real world practice:

  • The benefits of using N-VIVO for the processing or content analysis of transcribed large  data sets than doing it manually;
  • How to properly organize and sort large sets of qualitative data;
  • How to organize transcribed data into themes (coding) so as to make retrieval of such data from general transcribed data much quicker and more efficient;
  • How to use the analysis of multiple codes to identify and establish links or connections across sorted data/themes;
  • How to import and code data from social media (e.g Tweets, Facebook, instagram, youtoube comments or comments article published online) and merge them with transcribed data from other sources.

4. Key deliverables & Working Language

By the end of the assignment, the consultant is expected to have delivered the following outputs:

  1. A cutting-edge, user friendly, simplified but concise and practical training manual on N-VIVO use;
  2. A training report covering among others the items covered, methodology used and learning impact achieved in relation with the specific objectives of the training.

Please note that the training materials will be checked for quality and approved by NAR before the training starts. The working language is English.

5. Qualifications and core competencies of the consultant

The ideal national consultant shall meet the following requirements:

  • A PhD in a relevant field of social sciences/humanities, statistics or applied mathematics and justify a minimum of 2 years using or training in N-VIVO for purposes of data processing;
  • A masters degree in one of the above stated fields along with a justified experience of 5 years and above using N-VIVO to process large qualitative data sets in research could be considered in lieu of a PhD;
  • Understanding of and practical experience conducting social research.

6. Submission of proposals and evaluation criteria

All interested and qualified individual consultants are invited to electronically submit both their technical and financial proposals by 21st December 2017 at 10:00 a.m to the following email addresses:

The technical proposal should not exceed 3 pages (A4) and shall indicate the full contact details of the candidate. A copy of the most current CV describing how the candidate meets the requirements and prior experience conducting similar work will be included in the technical proposal in a form of annex. Besides, the CV should indicate and provide full contact details of at least 2 professional references who can testify to the competency of the candidate.  Please note that professional references will be contacted to cross-check on both competency and integrity of the candidate to timely deliver and perform to client’s expectations. Financial proposal should be all taxes inclusive and quoted in Rwandan Francs. 

The selection of technically competent consultant will be conducted following a quality and cost-based approach. Towards this end, all candidates will be invited to make a vice-voce defense of their technical proposals and make a quick demonstration of how N-VIVO works to the recruitment jury.

Any query related to this assignment can be addressed, in writing, to

Done at Kigali on the 13th December, 2017


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