Rwanda: Director of Continuing Clinical Education, Community Health Academy

Organization: Last Mile Health
Country: Rwanda
Closing date: 16 Jul 2018

About Last Mile Health

Last Mile Health (LMH) saves lives in the world’s most remote communities by partnering with governments to bring critical primary care services to the doorsteps of people living in the last mile. Last Mile Health is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with offices in Liberia, Boston and New York. For more information, visit
The Community Health Academy ("Academy") is seeking to reinvent the training of community health workers and the leaders who support them for the digital age. The Academy has established the world's first digital Continuing Education (CE) platform tailored for community health workers and the supervisors, managers and policymakers who support them.
In partnership with governments, the private sector, philanthropic and non-governmental organizations, the Academy enables community health workers to receive the very best in continuing clinical education resources like video lessons on promoting family planning and podcasts on identifying the next outbreaks, and will support countries to develop accreditation programs for community health workers so they don't remain an undervalued group, but become a renowned, empowered profession like nurses and doctors.
In parallel, the Academy will also develop a continuing professional education platform creating a free, open, online continuing professional education platform leveraging massive open online courses and supporting local communities of practice – for policy makers, managers, supervisors working to build stronger systems to support these community health workers.
Watch Last Mile Health CEO Raj Panjabi's TED Prize Talk, which articulates the vision for the Academy to contribute to the training of hundreds of thousands of community health workers and the leaders who support them – from the forest communities of West Africa to fishing villages of Alaska, from the hilltops of Appalachia to the mountain tops of Afghanistan.

General Position Summary

The Director of Continuing Clinical Education, Community Health Academy, is a visionary, high-performing leader who designs, directs, and manages the Community Health Academy’s Continuing Clinical Education (CCE) program for community health workers (CHWs), their supervisors around the world.

The Director will collaborate with country governments, academic institutions, clinical experts, health service delivery and technology partners to develop a digital platform to deliver high-quality, evidence-based training and capacity building for CHWs and their supervisors. To build this platform, the Director will work with stakeholders to:

(a) review and revise existing CHW and supervisors training curricula;

(b) adapt existing clinical content for the CCE digital platform;

(c) source or develop CHW and supervisors training content when content does not

already exist;

(d) design and coordinate the delivery of digitally enhanced in-person training of CHWs;

(e) provide in-country technical assistance on the implementation of the CCE platform.

Essential Job Functions

Create and adapt CHW clinical training curricula for the CCE platform.

  • Lead coordination of partners — country governments, academic institutions, clinical experts, and health service delivery partners — on all aspects of creation and adaptation of training curricula.
  • Review and revise existing curricula from country governments and training/implementing partners for quality assurance.
  • Identify gaps in training curricula and create content where gaps exist.
  • Adapt existing CHW and supervisor curricula for digitization on the CCE platform, in consultation with partners and the Senior Educational Technologist.
  • Identify new partners as necessary to create or enhance training content.
  • Develop and execute a monitoring and evaluation plan to assess progress in implementing the CCE trainings and evaluate its impacts on clinical practice.

Direct and manage the operationalization of the vision for the CCE blended learning activities.

  • Lead the development and manage the implementation of the operational plan and budget for the CCE.
  • Provide technical assistance to countries and partners on implementing the CCE platform in collaboration with the Senior Educational Technologist.
  • Identify and manage consultants to source, adapt, or develop training content.
  • Lead coordination of partners — country governments, academic institutions, clinical experts, and health service delivery partners – on the operationalization of the CCE platform.
  • Manage relationships/engagements with government partners to negotiate the digitization of national CHWs and supervisors curricula.

Design and coordinate the delivery of in-person CHW and CHW supervisor trainings.

  • Develop plan for the scope of in-person trainings, determining the most effective balance of in-person training and digital training (blended learning).
  • In collaboration with partners, design instructional plans for in-person trainings.
  • Coordinate the delivery of the trainings, including working with partners delivering training content.
  • Develop Communities of Practice/Study Groups for CHWs to foster cross-learning and support.


  • A Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Nursing Practice, or Master Science in Nursing with an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse certification. Active clinical license is necessary
  • 8-10 years of work experience focused on clinical education for frontline health workers and/or their supervisors
  • Minimum of 5 years of managerial experience
  • Experience with active clinical practice in resource-poor settings and training of community health workers
  • Experience in using web-based or digital platforms for delivering education content
  • Experience working alongside government partners and operational partners
  • Experience in training facilitation and delivery, curriculum design, and instructional design
  • Deep knowledge of effective clinical practices for frontline health workers
  • Understanding of innovative digital pedagogical practices
  • Ability to design, facilitate, and deliver frontline health worker training
  • Ability to design CHW training content
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Understanding of the use of digital platforms for clinical education
  • Understanding of designing/adapting curriculum for digitization
  • Strong relationship building and management skills
  • Experience working in the Global South and last mile communities
  • High level of initiative to innovate with limited guidance
  • Commitment to health and social justice
  • Comfort working with a casual but high-performing team
  • Ability to work with remote teams and remote supervision
  • Ability to work in a flexible and adaptable manner as part of a start-up initiative

How to apply:

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