Rwanda: M & E Adviser

Organization: Voluntary Service Overseas
Country: Rwanda
Closing date: 06 Jul 2018

Role overview

Job Purpose The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor is responsible for development and implementation of M&E Framework, Performance Monitoring, Programme Reporting, Research and Evaluations. The M&E Advisor will lead the generation of a credible body of evidence from VSO work for learning, programme quality assurance and decision making. The M&E Advisor works closely with global M&E team to ensure the application of People First and evidence principles.

Job Specifications

  1. M&E Framework The M&E Advisor will develop, constantly update and ensure implementation of M&E framework ensuring the framework is fit for purpose and aligned with VSO global results.

    The M&E Advisor will: 1.1. Develop M&E framework that is dynamic and responsive to the programme needs; 1.2. Develop M&E framework that is aligned with global results, donors and partners; 1.3. Ensure staff, volunteers and partners understand and apply the M&E framework; 1.4. Develop and operationalize an effective M&E system with online digital platform.

  2. Programme Quality The M&E Advisor will lead development and ensure implementation of programme quality assurance standards with focus on programme effectiveness and impact at scale. The M&E Advisor will: 2.1. Develop and roll-out a robust programme performance monitoring protocol with its tools; 2.2. Ensure VSO staff, volunteers and partners implement the performance monitoring protocol; 2.3. Actively engage VSO partners, donors and primary actors in performance monitoring activities; 2.4. Coordinate quarterly Programme Review Meetings (PRMs) and Annual Country Reviews (ACRs).

  3. Programme Reporting The M&E Advisor will lead development and ensure implementation programme reporting standards, ensuring efficient coordination, timelines and customer satisfaction. The M&E Advisor will: 3.1. Develop and roll-out reporting protocol, templates, style, timelines, review and sign-off process; 3.2. Properly coordinate internal and external reporting ensuring quality, timeliness and satisfaction; 3.3. Spearhead VSO reporting to immigration, donors and VSO global ensuring quality and excellence; 3.4. Review VSO reporting every quarter, advice HOP on way forward and implement remedial actions.

  4. Research and Evaluations: The M&E Advisor will effectively coordinate and oversee implementation of research and evaluations, ensuring credibility of VSO body of evidence and voices of primary actors. The M&E Advisor will: 4.1. Spearhead context analysis including social exclusion analysis to inform programme development; 4.2. Coordinate the implementation and reporting of all baselines, mid-term and end-line evaluations; 4.3. Coordinate all research, learning, evidence generation and evidence-based advocacy initiatives.

  5. People Management The M&E Advisor will recruit, mentor and manage a competent team of 3-5 M&E staff and volunteers, ensuring high performance, personal development, cohesion and motivation. The M&E Advisor will: 5.1. Effectively set performance targets and manage the performance of M&E staff and volunteers; 5.2. Promote career development through coaching, mentoring & personal reflection and learning; 5.3. Establish and maintain a dynamic, cohesive and collaborative team of staff and volunteers; 5.4. Develop a culture of trust, transparency, accountability and collaboration within the team.

  6. Any other relevant duties assigned from time to time.

How to apply:

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