Procurement of a consulting firm to Develop a Web-based Management Information System (MIS) for the National Fund for Environment (FONERWA)

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Procurement of a consulting firm to Develop a Web-based Management Information System (MIS) for the National Fund for Environment (FONERWA)



1)    GGGI’s Mission and Approach

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was established as an intergovernmental organization with the objective of promoting sustainable development of developing and emerging countries including the least developed countries.  GGGI is dedicated to supporting the creation and diffusion of the model of economic growth known as “green growth”. The green growth model integrates economic growth, environmental sustainability, poverty reduction, and social inclusion.

GGGI supports stakeholders through complementary and integrated workstreams that deliver comprehensive products designed to assist in developing, financing and mainstreaming green growth in national economic development plans. In terms of financing green growth aspirations of partner countries, GGGI supports among other service offerings, the establishment and or strengthening of national financial vehicles (NFV) which is FONERWA in the case of Rwanda.

2)    Project Background and Objectives

Since October 2015, GGGI has and continues to foster FONERWA’s capacity strengthening through technical support. However recently the fund underwent a structural change to enhance efficiency. A tailor-made manual has been developed to provide guidance on the needed system to govern the Fund including Human Resource, Procurement, Finance, Audit, Application process, Project management, resource mobilization, Record management, Stock and asset management.

For FONERWA to realize the value out of Information Technology (IT) investment, IT must be deployed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in internal and external services delivery. IT solutions are the important step toward ensuring FONERWA attains its objectives

Since FONERWA became operational in 2012, Information Technology tools were developed to assist clients/applicants and partners to meet Fund requirements. Website and Online application tools were developed to manage applications and facilitate applicants to apply online. Appraisal of applications was conducted through the online system at different stages. This has created the transparency and accountability in evaluating the proposal. Late in 2015, a Fund Result Management Information System (FRMIS) was developed to track projects log-frame, risk and lessons log, and narrative reports. The FRMIS responded to the Monitoring, and evaluation needs but other key areas of project management were not covered.

Today, GGGI is assisting FONERWA to service expertise to develop a Management Information System (MIS) to improve the automation of proposal application process and projects management with the purpose to centralize all information in one online system and enhance the service delivery to its applicants, partners, and clients.

FONERWA in collaboration with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is seeking a software development consulting firm with experience in developing web-based MIS.  The following Terms of Reference describe the expertise needed to assist in the design and implementation of the MIS for the Fund.  

Proposed Activities and Scope of Work

1)    Proposed Activities for the Overall Project





Business requirement

Application pat 1

Project Profile Document

(Concept note)

The MIS should provide the following capability:

–          The applicant is given the opportunity to create an account.

–          The applicant is given the option to create multiple Project Profile Documents (PPDs) within the call for proposal.

–          To save Project Profile Document (PPD) created and continue any time to improve the application before the deadline.

–          Possibility to see PPD response from his/her account and send an email and short message service (SMS) to the applicant once PPD is submitted or final evaluation comment is communicated through the system.

–          To list PPDs created under his/her account or all PPDs

–          Locking the submit button after the PPD deadline and no option to create PPD outside of the call for proposal for grant applications.

–          To rate PPD by green, high amber, amber or red by first review, blind and Quality Assurance review. 

–          Setting the submission deadline

–          Possibility to change the password

–          Different access level on PPD sections

–          Option to reset password once forgotten.

–          Release Project Document (PD) interface once the Project Profile Document is approved.

–          Generate reports (table, graph, chart)

–          Export data in excel and PDF

Application Part 2

Project Profile Document

(full proposal)


–          Login in the system

–          Setting the Project Document (PD) submission deadline

–          Setting the Technical document submission deadline

–          Access to Project Document (PD) interface

–          Upload Project Document template, a Technical review template

–          Download Project Document template

–          Submit Project Document documents

–          Access to Project Documents by internal staff

–          Assign Project Document to Expert review

–          Submission of the technical document by Expert review

–          Resubmission of Project Document by applicants

–          Submit other technical documents

–          Assign PDs to Investment Committee group

–          Submit the final technical document by the Investment Committee

–          Share Project Documents to board of directors members.

–          Approve or Reject Project Document

–          Submit Due indulgence report for approved Projects, final Project Document, and grant agreement

Project Management Activities

Monitoring & Evaluation

–          Management of project profile

–          Management of project log-frame,

–          Management of project work-plan,

–          Management of risk and lesson learned

–          Management of projects narrative reports


–          Project Income & Expenditure Statement,

–          Project Forecast

–          Project statement finance position,

–          Cash flow Statement,

–          budget, and budget execution

–          Value For Money data

–          Tracking disbursement of grant and loan.

Audit and Risk

–          Management of project risk

–          Management of project audit reports

Procurement/Management and non-objection

–          Management of non-objection of tender, budget & work plan revision, and recruitment of project staff.

–          Controlling version of the budget, procurement, and work-plan revised.


–          Management of monthly and quarterly reports: Spot-check (finance, audit, Monitoring & Evaluation).

–          Data grid, table, graphic, chart of various M&E and financial reports with integrated Geographical Information System and business intelligence tool.

National Fund for Environment (FONERWA) Activities

M&E and Planning

–          Management of log-frame, work-plan,

–          Linking project indicators to log-frame for National Fund for Environment


–          Managing Resource mobilization information

–          Consolidating financial records for funded projects

–          Management of project assets

–          Risk management

Reporting and Analysis Requirement

Business intelligent tool

–          A web-based business intelligent (BI) tool will be embedded in MIS. The firm does not need to build the BI tool but to integrate the BI tool that responds to FONERWA needs. The BI tool shall provide reports in various format (grid, table, chart, graphic (bar charts, line charts, pie charts…) with the option for filtering and exporting data in other software (PDF, Excel, Word)

–          The BI tool shall enable users to access the data from all modules of the MIS and generate a report in the various format

–          The BI tool shall ensure that all data is consolidated into one source database providing the ability to compare the trends between planned and actual values across a number of years.


–          Generate a map with M&E and Finance data/information

–          Use GIS to verify and reports a number of ha covered by terrace, forestry, and agroforestry, and wetland rehabilitated, …)

2)    Scope of Work

Scope of general requirements are as follows:

  • The MIS must be a web-enabled (For remote locations).
  • The MIS must be developed using Java technology and PostgreSQL database
  • The MIS must be user-friendly with search and filtering features.
  • The MIS must be able to generate dynamic reports (list, table, dashboard, and graphics) and export feature in pdf, word, excel as well as printing reports.
  • The MIS must have an Integrated Business Intelligence tool for data analysis
  • The MIS must have an Integrated GIS tool for generating a map with data
  • The MIS must have an Integrated SMS bulk and email notifications
  • Integrated Dynamic data workflow to easily customize the flow of data and approval process for specific fund process in case change in the process occurs.
  • The approval features of the key process including proposals, and project management activities including reports (monthly and quarterly), projects work-plan, project budget, the request of non-objection for tenders and change of budget and work plan, as well as other activities not listed.
  • Importing existing information in MIS for ongoing projects.
  • MIS security using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • User management with access level and control.

For more details on how to send your bid document, please go to this link

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