Terms of References for seeking an individual consultant or a consultancy firm for the elaboration of position paper on climate change impact on agriculture

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Terms of References for seeking an individual consultant or a consultancy firm for the elaboration of the position paper on climate change impact on agriculture


The National Cooperatives Confederation of Rwanda (NCCR) is a Confederation founded on  28th  October 2010 and was granted legal entity and the legal personality certificate No  RCA/1333/2010 of 22nd  December 2010 and published in Official Gazette  N° 25 of 20/06/2011.

The National Cooperatives Confederation of Rwanda (NCCR) is the movement’s Apex body bringing together actually 14 Cooperative Federations members with 11 involved in the agriculture sector.

Its vision is “Life without Poverty” for cooperatives’ members, vision which is inspired by new sustainable development agenda that aims to end poverty in all its forms everywhere, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all

The National Cooperatives Confederation of Rwanda (NCCR) as is the umbrella organization that promotes and represents the interests of the cooperative movement in Rwanda. NCCR exists to support our member Federations, Unions and Primary, Cooperatives through capacity development, information sharing, advocacy and collaboration with public, private and civil society organizations at local, regional and international levels.

In this regard, Vi Agroforestry has agreed to fund the project “ Reduction of barriers hampering farmers cooperatives development in Rwanda. And NCCR signed the project agreement with Vi Agroforestry about the socio-economic of small farmer cooperative Organization improvement through Lobby, Advocacy and communication mechanisms and Strengthening of Farmer Cooperatives members. Through the project, a position paper on climate change impacts on agriculture is meant to be produced.

In Rwanda, agriculture contributes to the development as an economic activity, as a livelihood and as a provider of environmental services, making the sector a unique instrument for growth and poverty reduction. The agriculture is the main sector making up 31% of GDP with its great contribution to the total employment (41.8%). However, the agriculture is still facing some challenges including but not limited to the land scarcity, high density of population. Moreover, Rwanda’s unique topography makes the farm activity depending on the diverse range of geographical landscapes and microclimate.

The climate variability of Rwanda is one of the most significant factors influencing year to year crop production.  The development of the position paper aims at identifying the needs for regulatory, laws and policies reforms and needs to convince others, especially policy and decision makers, and those in positions of power to make positive changes. In other words, the aim of this document is to pave way for an informed advocacy so that to removing or alleviating the impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector.

Now, NCCR is seeking an individual consultant or and consultancy firm with enough skills on Climate change and agricultural cooperatives in Rwanda, and excellent capacity on elaboration position paper for Advocacy.


The main objective of the work is to generate support on the issue of climate change impacts through the elaboration of a Position paper on climate change impacts on the agriculture sector in Rwanda. The consultant/firm is expected to use evidences to support the position, examine the strengths and weaknesses of the position but also evaluate solutions and suggest courses of action.


The Consultant will undertake the following activities:

  • Desktop Review which includes the review of agriculture sector and climate change  impacts with particular focus to the agricultural cooperatives.
  • Interviews in order to identify current status in general and in particularly constraints and barriers future challenges and individual recommendations. Those interviews shall be the consultations with the Board members, Federations, Unions, primary cooperatives and other relevant stakeholders Government: eg. RAB, REMA, Districts…..; NGOs working in agriculture sector, either by in person interview or phone-interviews. 
  • Development of the document main sections are:
  • Identification of the issue
  • Statement of the position
  • Background information
  • Supporting evidence of facts
  • Possible solutions
  • Suggested courses of action

 Presentation of the draft position paper to the NCCR Board of Directors, the Management team and Federations as well as other stakeholders,  with the aim of having the comprehensive position paper fully understood and embraced by the all involved parties.


In selecting the right candidate for this assignment, the following will be considered:

  • Expertise and experience in elaboration of position/advocacy paper or similar assignment (copy of approval document);
  • Excellent proven written and spoken English and Kinyarwanda is a must, French is an added value
  • Knowledge of rural development, agriculture and climate change issues in Rwanda (proved by CV and academic qualifications), skill in Identifying the problem that needs to be addressed, gather the necessary information and ensure that the causes and effects of the problem are understood and elaboration of position paper.
  • Familiar working with international organizations and government institutions
  • Understanding of Cooperative structure and issues affecting agricultural cooperative movement in Rwanda (desired/asset)
  • Strong knowledge of cooperative policy, law and regulation  in Rwanda;
  • To Master Rwanda’s socio-economic situation, agriculture and its environmental concerns

The duration of the assignment shall not exceed 20 working days. 


  • NCCR will intervene in funding the tasks, Contract preparation, recruitment of the consultant and supervising the implementation of the agreed task;
  • NCCR will be responsible for all the meeting venue and coordinating the implementation of the entire tasks;
  • NCCR will pay the Consultant remuneration as agreed in the contract signed by both parties (NCCR and the Consultant);
  • The assignment will be carried out by one (1) consultant /or Company, any extra assistant or additional individual consultant should be communicated by letter to NCCR Board before her/his interventions with her/his clear qualifications and experience, NCCR has the right to reject the extra individual in case deemed necessary  .
  • Reporting documents must be done in English, communication to cooperatives must be in Kinyarwanda


The Consultant is expected to submit a detailed proposal with the following components:

a) Technical proposal to include: 

  • A one-page Consultant’s understanding of the TOR
  • Two pages of the proposed methodology, activities and expected outcomes
  • A detailed activities schedule/work plan with time frame
  • A profile of the consulting firm including the full names, physical addresses, telephone numbers and contact person of the form/company; date of registration, registration number, copy of registration certificate and VAT certificate; names of directors/proprietors

b) Financial proposal detailing: 

  • Itemized consultant’s fees
  • Itemized field data collection expenses
  • Itemized administration expenses
  • Validity period of quotation
  • Expected payment plan and method
  • Tax status of the Consultant/Consultancy firm in Rwanda and legal registration


The deadline for application is 12h00 on 12th October 2018. Applications must be submitted to the email of NCCRnccrrwanda@gmail.com


All data and information received from NCCR or Cooperatives for the purpose of this assignment are to be treated confidentially and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of Reference are assigned to NCCR. The contents of the written materials obtained and used in this assignment may not be disclosed to any third parties without the expressed advance written authorization of the NCCR.                  

 Done at Kabusunzu, on 27th September 2018

Dr. KATABARWA Augustin 

 Chairman of NCCR       

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