Request for proposals MIS for formative assessment data in Rwanda

Request for proposals

MIS for formative assessment data in Rwanda

Table of Contents

  1. Background of the programme. 8

  2. General tender and contracting requirements. 8

  3. Rejection of tender responses. 9

  4. Disqualification. 9

  5. Tender costs. 9

  6. Offer deadline and protocol 9

  7. Questions/clarifications. 9

  8. Quotations. 10

  9. Delivery. 10

  10. Confidentiality and information governance. 10

  11. Payment and invoicing. 10

  12. Specifications. 11

  13. Key dates and stages for this tender. 11

  14. Evaluation criteria. 11

  15. Required documents. 11

Annexes: 11

Annex 1: Terms of Reference – Revamping and developing a map-based system for school data. 12

Annex 2: Submission letter. 15

Annex 3: Vendor information form and top-three most relevant experience on similar work. 16

Annex 4: Delivery and implementation plan: 18

Annex 5: Proposed team to deliver implementation plan: 19

Annex 6: Well-calculated price schedule: 20

1.    Background of the programme 

1.1.   The Building Learning Foundations programme (BLF) is the main technical assistance component of the DFID-funded Learning for All programme working to improve learning outcomes in English and Mathematics for P1-P3 students including for children with special educational needs (SEN).

1.2.   The BLF is supporting REB ESAD on the development of an MIS and data collection system to support a pilot on the collection, analysis and use of formative assessment data at selected schools.

1.3.   The terms of reference for this are the basis of this request for proposals and are attached in the Annexes of this document. Your proposal must respond adequately to the requirements of these terms of references.

2.      General tender and contracting requirements

2.1.   The contracting authority is Education Development Trust and the appointed service provider will be expected to deliver the goods and/or provide services at the REB ICT Department premises in Kigali.

2.2.   In participating in this procurement process and/or by submitting a tender response it will be implied that you accept and will be bound by all the provisions of this RFP and its annexes. Accordingly, tender responses should be on the basis of and strictly in accordance with the requirements of this RFP.

2.3.   By submitting your tender response, you consent to Education Development Trust carrying out all necessary actions to verify the information that you have provided, and the analysis of your tender response being undertaken by one or more third parties commissioned by Education Development Trust for such purposes.

2.4.   You are responsible for analysing and reviewing all information provided to you as part of this procurement process and for forming your own opinions and seeking advice as you consider appropriate. You should notify Education Development Trust promptly of any perceived ambiguity, inconsistency or omission in this RFP and/or any in of its associated documents and/or in any information provided to you as part of this procurement process.

2.5.   Education development Trust may, at any time prior to the response deadline, amend the RFP. Any such amendment shall be communicated via the same channel as the RFP, and Education Development Trust at its own discretion will extend the response deadline to ensure the potential suppliers have reasonable time in which to take such amendment into account.

2.6.   Tender responses must comprise the relevant documents specified by Education Development Trust completed in all areas and in the format requested by Education development trust and any documents requested by Education Development Trust must be completed in full hence it is important that you read the RFP carefully before completing and submitting your tender response.

2.7.   You will not modify your tender response after you have submitted it.

3.      Rejection of tender responses

3.1.   Education development Trust reserves the rights to reject any tender response which:

3.1.1.   Is received after the submission deadline;

3.1.2.   Contains omissions, gaps, misrepresentations, errors and/or uncompleted sections;

3.1.3.   Contains hand written amendments with no initials of the authorised signatory;

3.1.4.   Contains ambiguous information that might mislead the tender evaluators or

3.1.5.   Is not submitted in a manner consistent with the provisions set out in this RFP.

4.      Disqualification

4.1.   Education Development Trust will automatically disqualify any bidder that attempts to change or omit any information required or related to this RFP including any bidder that tries to:

4.1.1.   Inappropriately influence this procurement process;

4.1.2.   Fix or set the price for goods or services;

4.1.3.   Enter into an arrangement with any other party that such party shall refrain from submitting a tender response;

4.1.4.   Enter into any arrangement with any other party (other than another party that forms part of your consortium bid or is your proposed sub-contractor) as to the prices submitted

4.1.5.   Engage in direct or indirect bribery or canvassing by you or your appointed advisers in relation to this procurement process

4.1.6.   Obtain information from any of the employees, agents or advisors of Education Development Trust concerning this procurement process (other than as set out in these tender conditions) or from another potential supplier or another tender response.

5.      Tender costs

5.1.   You are responsible for obtaining all information necessary for preparation of your tender response and for all costs and expenses incurred in preparation of the tender response.

5.2.   Education Development Trust will not be responsible for any cost you incurred during the preparation of this procurement irrespective of whether your tender response is successful or not.

6.       Offer deadline and protocol

6.1.   Bids shall be submitted in hand at the Building Learning Foundations office located at Aigle Blanc Building, Kimihurura at Gishushu not later than 12.00 pm, 1st November 2018.

6.2.   Bids sealed in envelopes marked “RFP Response for REB’s and Map-based School-level Data MIS” may be deposited during working hours 8.00am to 17.00pm Monday through Thursday and from 8.00am to 12pm on Fridays.

7.      Questions/clarifications

7.1.   Questions regarding the technical or administrative requirements of this RFP may be submitted by email to  no later than 05:00 PM/Kigali time on 26th October 2018.

7.2.   Questions must be submitted in writing only; phone calls will not be accepted. Only the written answers issued by Education Development Trust will be considered official and carry weight in the RFP process and subsequent evaluation.

7.3.    Any verbal information received from employees of The Education Development Trust or any other entity should not be considered as an official response to any questions regarding this RFP.

7.4.   Education Development Trust may at any time request further information from potential suppliers to verify or clarify any aspects of their tender response or other information they may have provided. In case you do not provide supplementary information or clarifications to Education Development Trust by any deadline notified to you, your tender response may be rejected in full and you may be disqualified.

8.      Quotations

8.1.   Quotations in response to this RFP must be priced on a fixed-price, all taxes inclusive, including delivery to BLF offices and all other costs and must be on official letterhead.

8.2.   Pricing must be presented in RwF (Rwandan Francs).

8.3.   Offers must remain valid for not less than sixty (60) calendar days after the offer deadline.

9.      Delivery

9.1.   The delivery location for the items described in this RFP is the REB ICT Department in Kigali, located at the REB Headquarters.

9.2.   As part of its response to this RFP, each bidder is expected to follow the delivery timeframe below (after receipt of order) and this will form part of the bid evaluation criteria.

9.3.   The work will be executed over no more than a total of two and a half calendar months.

9.4.   The deliverables expected are:

9.4.1.Interviews conducted with relevant staff in REB and MINEDUC, education stakeholders and desk reviews;

9.4.2.MIS and data collection platform developed with all feedback from education stakeholders, REB and MINEDUC included;

9.4.3.Strategy of the use of the platform with all feedback from education stakeholders, REB and MINEDUC included and;

9.4.4.All required validation workshops and meetings have been held.

10.  Confidentiality and information governance

10.1.                    All documents related to this RFP shall remain the property of Education Development Trust and must be returned on written demand.

10.2.                    Unless requested otherwise, Education development Trust reserves the right to disclose/not to disclose all documents relating to this procurement process, including without limitation your tender response, to any employee, third-party agent, adviser or other third party involved in the procurement in support of, and/or in collaboration with Education Development Trust.

11.  Payment and invoicing

11.1.                    Unless agreed otherwise, Education Development Trust shall pay you the agreed fee within 30 days of Education Development Trust receiving an invoice (acceptable to Education Development Trust) following completion of the Services. 

11.2.                    All sums payable shall be inclusive of VAT and other duties and taxes and shall be payable in Rwandan currency.

12.  Specifications

12.1.                    The terms of reference attached as Annex 1 of this document contain further details.

12.2.                    All technical specifications required to execute the development and hosting of the online platforms (including the programming languages to be used, content management systems and the backend databases to be used) will be part of your proposal and will be considered in the evaluation of your proposal.

12.3.                    Any requests for further clarity must comply with the clause 7 and the sub-clauses 7.1 through 7.4 of this document.

13.  Key dates and stages for this tender

13.1.                    The following key dates and stages apply to this procurement process:



Deadline (date/time)


RFP Issued to bidding suppliers

19th October 2018


Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline)

26th October 2018


Response to clarification questions by Education Development Trust

29th October 2018


Deadline for submission of RFP responses by suppliers

1st November 2018


Contract sign off by both parties

5th November 2018

14.  Evaluation criteria

14.1.                    Only the financial proposals of all bidders attaining a minimum score of 70% in the technical evaluation will be considered in the next stage of financial evaluation towards being awarded the tender. All bidders scoring below 70% in the evaluation of their technical proposals will be disqualified at this stage without their financial proposals being considered.

14.2.                    The contract will be awarded to one bidder who scores at or more than 70% in their technical proposal and who receives the highest score based on the following weighted technical and financial criteria:



Technical proposal


Financial proposal


15.  Required documents

15.1.                    The following documents are required as part of your submission in response to this RFP:

15.1.1.                       A signed submission letter (Annex 2) on company letterhead;

15.1.2.                       A signed vendor information form (Annex 3) on company letterhead including experience undertaking similar work in the past two years;

15.1.3.                       Proposed delivery and implementation plan( Annex 4);

15.1.4.                       Proposed team to deliver the implementation plan (Annex 5);

15.1.5.                       Well-calculated price schedule (Annex 6);

15.1.6.                       Certified copies of your Company Registration and/or Trading License;

15.1.7.                       Certified copy of the Social Security certificate (if applicable) and;

15.1.8.                       Certified copy of tax PIN/TIN and tax clearance certificates.