Ecosan Report and Article Consultancy

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RFP No.:




May 20, 2019




May 27, 2019




17:00 Kigali time




Ecosan Report and Article Consultancy












Rwandan Francs 







SNV is committed to integrity in procurement, and only selects suppliers based on objective business criteria such as price and technical merit.

SNV does not tolerate fraud, collusion among offerors, falsified proposals/bids, bribery, or kickbacks. Any firm or individual violating these standards will be disqualified from this procurement, barred from future procurement opportunities, and may be reported to both the Office of the Inspector General.

Employees and agents of SNV are strictly prohibited from asking for or accepting any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, an object of value or compensation from current or potential vendors or suppliers in exchange for or as a reward for a business. Employees and agents engaging in this conduct are subject to termination and will be reported to the Office of the Inspector General. In addition, SNV will inform the Office of the Inspector General of any supplier offers of money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, an object of value, or compensation to obtain business.

Offerors responding to this RFP must include the following as part of the proposal submission:

Disclose any close, familial, or financial relationships with SNV or project staff. For example, if an offeror’s cousin is employed by the project, the offeror must state this.
Disclose any family or financial relationship with other offerors submitting proposals. For example, if the offeror’s father owns a company that is submitting another proposal, the offeror must state this.
Certify that the prices in the offer have been arrived at independently, without any consultation, communication, or agreement with any other offeror or competitor for the purpose of restricting competition.
Certify that all information in the proposal and all supporting documentation are authentic and accurate.  Certify understanding and agreement to SNV’ prohibitions against fraud, bribery, and kickbacks.

1.      Introduction

SNV Netherlands Development Organization is a not-for-profit international development organization founded in the Netherlands in 1965 with a global presence in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As an organisation, SNV focuses on the Agriculture, WASH and Energy sectors with the belief that no one should have to live in poverty and that all people should have the opportunity to pursue their own sustainable development. SNV contributes to these sectors by strengthening the capacity of targeted partners and communities at the field level to realize increased skill sets and sustainable performance; reduce poverty levels and expand employment; and improve food security while paying special attention to gender equity, social inclusion of marginalized groups and stakeholder accountability.

2.      Project summary

Via Water funded Urban Ecological Sanitation (Ecosan) pilot project is in its final stage of implementation both in Kigali and Musanze cities. The project is implemented in a consortium of Rwanda Environment Care (REC) prime, SNV Netherlands Development Organization, EFP Ltd and SANIDEV Ltd subbing. The main objective of Ecosan Pilot project is to increase the availability of biofertilizer in Rwanda, increase the awareness of Ecosan latrines and improve the hygiene and sanitation status of the urban population in Kigali and Musanze. The stated above points will lead us to build a professional collection facility and farmer demonstration sites to collect the Ecosan fertilizer products, showcase the products and train the farmers using the products; this is because most Rwandans (more 90%) depend on agricultural activities which needs a huge amount of organic fertilizers to satisfy the two annual growing seasons. Thus upscale the business of biofertilizer out of ecological (dry) sanitation EcoSan in Rwanda. The production of EcoSan products (compost and urea) will be increased by the building of three EcoSan public toilets in Kigali and refurbishing six school toilet blocks in both Musanze and Kigali cities.

3.      The assignment

The potential communication consultant will

Review the existing urban EcoSan pilot project documents and clearly understand the project log frame and its deliverables;
Prepare final report and article framework in consultation with the consortium member organization focal persons and reach an agreement before starting the assignment;
Develop high quality and standard short article for publication in international journals from urban EcoSan public and school in Kigali, Bugesera, and Musanze;
Prepare a good compilation of lessons learned from the pilot urban EcoSan project i.e. what has worked, not worked, key conclusions, recommendations for other similar urban EcoSan practitioners in the sector in close consultation  with the consortium member organization focal persons
Transform urban EcoSan key project learnings into publishable report and article to make publicly available on the following online communication platforms: VIA Water Knowledge Hub/ REC websites; at any relevant meetings or learning events in Rwanda or beyond; Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSana) Knowledge Hub, FSM Toolbox, Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development (International Water Association) and others as necessary.
Prepare the final report and article as a ‘Practical Paper’, which provides new information on subjects of interest to professionals in practice with not be more than 2500 words each to fit the standard publication templates/forms of for the Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development (International Water Association);
Submit the draft final/terminal report an article for review and incorporate comments/inputs accordingly, and advise the project team on which other journals would be most beneficial to send for publication including completing article formats and requirements;
Share to Via Water Café members in Kigali and present in the workshop to solicit further inputs from the team.

4.      Specific tasks in Documentation

Undertake a review of the existing urban EcoSan pilot project documents: proposal, progress reports, business model, business plan and market analysis;
Consult the project consortium member organization focal persons, beneficiary community, schools, farmers, district officials, and others;
Prepare final report and article framework in consultation with the consortium member organization focal persons and get approval from the client;
Share the draft final/terminal report and article to consortium member organization focal persons and donor for review and subsequently incorporate comments/inputs.

5.      Expected results

Well prepared final/terminal report and article framework and plan to do the assignment accordingly;
Draft high quality and standard final/terminal report and article publishable in peer-reviewed journals;
Final high quality and standard final/terminal report and article publishable in peer-reviewed journals;
Concisely prepared final/terminal report an article in less than 2500 words each to fit into journal publication templates/forms;

6.      Methodology

The following will be considered an approach to do this assignment but not limited to;

A desk review of the existing urban EcoSan pilot project documents: proposal, progress reports, business model, business plan and market analysis;
Visit operational public Ecosan toilets, school toilets and demo site in Kigali and Musanze and consult urban EcoSan project consortium members including Holland Green Tech to consolidate lessons learned from this pilot urban EcoSan project.

7.      Required skills/Experience

The consultancy is open to Rwandan individual consultant/s or firm/s who meet the following specifications;

Relevant degree in Journalism, communication or other related fields;
At least 5 years of experience working experience in communication, producing terminal reports, publishable articles in international journals preferably in the areas of Sanitation and hygiene-related sub-sectors;
Ability to facilitate communication between different levels of Government and Development Partners.

8.      Coordination and Supervision

The overall coordination and supervision of the documentation assignment will be under the Ecosan Pilot Project Management in close collaboration with REC, SANIDEV, and EFP.

9.      Duration of the assignment: 17 working days.

 10.  Section 7: Selection Criteria

All applicants should include the following:

The application should include:
Indicative budget for the assignment
The following documents will have to be attached with an application (if applicable)
VAT Certificate copy
Original or certified copy of affidavit of no debt by RRA still valid;




Technical proposal


Administrative documents


Financial Proposal


Any other value added not specified in this RFP




SNV Rwanda is not liable for any cost incurred during the preparation, submission, or negotiation of the contract. All submitted documentation and/or materials shall become and remain the property SNV Rwanda

11.  Applications

The Applicants must fully meet all requirements of this RFP, and are requested to submit their soft copies proposals no later than May 27th, 2019 at 17h00 local Kigali time by email to  with a subject line: “EcoSan Report and Article Consultancy”. Submissions received after this time will not be opened nor accepted.

12.  Eligibility

By submitting an offer in response to this RFP, the offeror certifies that it and its principal officers are not debarred, suspended, or otherwise considered ineligible for an award by the U.S. Government. The Gikuriro Programme will not award a contract to any firm/individual that is debarred, suspended, or considered to be ineligible by the U.S. Government.

13.  Proposals notification of intent to enter into a contract

Gikuriro Programme shall inform the ONLY successful applicant.

Please note that the release of this RFP does not necessitate that an applicant is awarded.

The Gikuriro Programme reserves the right to:

Conduct negotiations with and/or request clarifications from any offeror prior to award.
Cancel this RFP at any time.


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