Consultant to develop an Action Plan for New Faces New Voices Rwanda’s five-year strategic plan (2019 – 2024)

Position Information

 Job Title: Consultant to develop an Action Plan for New Faces New Voices Rwanda’s five-year strategic plan (2019 – 2024)

Duty Station: Kigali, Rwanda

Type of Contract: Individual Contract

Expected starting date: As soon as possible

Duration of assignment: 20 working days

Languages required: English, knowledge of Kinyarwanda an advantage


The 2016 FinScope Rwanda report “Women and Financial Inclusion in Rwanda” indicates that only 63 percent of women in Rwanda are formally served by financial mechanisms. The report reiterates what various bodies have noted, namely that a gender gap relating to financial inclusion exists and must be addressed. Research shows that participation in the financial system allows persons to better manage risks, start or invest in a business, and fund expenditures such as for education or home improvements. Consequently, financial inclusion enhances persons’ possibilities to fully benefit from existing economic and social opportunities. However, in Rwanda, many women are yet to fully benefit from available modern financial services. To address this gender gap, and as highlighted in the FinScope report, there is a distinct need for tailor-made financial products and services specifically designed for women as well as for more targeted financial education.

Building upon New Faces New Voices (NFNV) Rwanda’s achievements and programs, NFNV Rwanda aims at facilitating women’s access to formal financial mechanisms through innovative instruments and digital learning platforms, and at empowering women through targeted capacity building initiatives for women at all levels, women entrepreneurs and women active in the finance sector as well as through mentorship engagement. By doing so, NFNV Rwanda seeks to contribute to the enhancement of women’s capacities in leadership and entrepreneurship as well as to ensure that women are able to benefit from empowerment opportunities available to them.

New Faces New Voices Rwanda

New Faces New Voices (NFNV) Rwanda is part of a membership-based organization that belongs to a network of NFNV Chapters in a Pan-African movement that advocates for women’s financial empowerment through access to finance, capacity building and voice representation. NFNV Rwanda has four main objectives:

  1. Access to finance: increase Rwandan women’s access to finance through existing financial services and through new investment instruments owned by women and created for women.
  2. Capacity-building: strengthen the skills and capacity of women entrepreneurs, consumers and investors to increase their financial inclusion.
  3. Influence: grow the number, and visibility, of Rwandan women in leadership and decision-making positions in the financial sector.
  4. Self-sufficient operationalization: become a fully-functioning, financially self-sustaining organization.

The objective of the Consultancy

The overall objective of this consultancy is to develop an Action Plan for NFNV Rwanda’s five years Strategic Plan.  NFNV Rwanda has been in operation for three years and as it takes stock of its achievements to date it has developed its next five-year strategy.  The five-year Plan is for the period of July 2019 to June 2024. The current NFNV Rwanda Strategic Plan is in line with its main objective to increase the financial inclusion of women across Rwanda while linking its activities to the NST 1 objectives for economic empowerment for women in Rwanda. NFNV Rwanda requires a well-developed Action Plan that breaks down the Strategic Plan into well planned achievable project activities and would like to hire a consultant with extensive experience in the development of Strategic Plans, to produce this important document. The Action Plan will facilitate the rollout of the NFNV Rwanda strategic Plan and enable the Board to secure strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. The Action Plan will also support the NFNV Rwanda Team to measure progress against its goals.

Scope of the assignment

New Faces New Voices Rwanda has already established where it is today and identified what is important for it to determine the overall direction it wants to take and its priority areas for project intervention. The organization’s objectives have been set and now NFNV Rwanda requires an Action Plan to outline what actions need to be taken, how they will be carried out, the timelines and resources required for it to achieve its goals. The consultant will work closely with the NFNV Rwanda team and Board for the duration of the assignment. A clear cut, well-focused, resource and time-bound action plan is essential to facilitate the implementation of the NFNVs strategic plan 2019-2024.

The scope of work for the Consultant will include but not be limited to:

Review the existing strategic plan 2019 – 2024 to draw out linkages between the NFNV Rwanda strategic plan and the Action Plan;
The Action Plan should have outlined a programmatic strategy for achieving expected results with reference to the theory of change, detailed information on implementation modalities;
The action plan must show the resource distribution per output over five years;   
The Action Plan for NFNV Rwanda for the period between 2019/2024 will include a budget item for each of the interventions and a financing plan as well as key expected results;
The Action Plan will list potential stakeholders and partners for each objective activities;
The Action Plan will propose the institutional capacity requirements for key project activities to be achieved under the Action Plan;
The Action Plan will outline the M&E Framework for the planned period project activities the timelines for review and reporting;
Applicable sections of the Action Plan will be used to present to stakeholders for potential partnerships. As such the overall outline of the action plan should be developed in a way that will allow for NFNV Rwanda team to know what it will take for each intervention to be carried out;
Hold a meeting with the Board and stakeholders from UN Women to validate the Action Plan;
Incorporate in the document inputs, if any, from stakeholders;
Produce an Action Plan for NFNV Rwanda’s Strategic Plan 2019 -2024 and submit to NFNV Rwanda


The overall deliverable is a comprehensive Action Plan organized along the strategic objectives, outcomes, and outputs to be achieved. The document should be technically sound and well developed with a clear format including but not limited to an introduction, targeted objectives actions/activities and results, measurable indicators, to mention a few. The produced Action Plan should also be costed with a well laid out budget.  

Phase one –5 working days

An inception report outlining the proposed work approach and timelines;
A draft outline of the Action Plan;
Documented meeting one with NFNV Rwanda Board members and/or key stakeholders;
Develop a proposal of the action plan template/content

Phase two – 15 working days

Draft one of the Action Plan;
A PowerPoint presentation and summary of the Action Plan presented to the Board for approval/inputs;
A minimum of two meetings with NFNV Rwanda Board members and/or key stakeholders;
Final Action signed off by the NFNV Rwanda Board

Timeline and work plan

The Consultant will undertake the assignment over a period of 20 working days. Based on the objectives outlined in the Terms of Reference, the consultant will prepare a work plan for the development of the Action Plan. The work plan will specify the main activities of the development of the document, detailing the timeframe for each deliverable, as well as the support required from NFNV Rwanda. The work plan will also outline the contact sessions with NFNV Rwanda for feedback and must allow for time for consultation and validation of the Action Plan by key stakeholders. The work plan will be agreed upon by the Consultant and NFNV Rwanda.

Expertise required

A University Master Degree in economics, social science, development studies or another relevant field;
At least five years of practical experience in developing strategic plans preferably in the gender equality and economics field;
Excellent knowledge of the Rwandan economic and business landscape and familiarity with Rwandan policies in relation to women;
Experience and knowledge on gender equality and women’s economic empowerment issues;
Excellent analytical and writing skills;
Fluency in English.


Application procedure

Interested candidates should apply by presenting the following documents:

Letter of Application, briefly describing the motivation behind the application and outlining the candidate’s suitability for the assignment;
Personnel CVs, indicating educational background and professional qualification, a list of previous assignments, contact details of three reference persons and contact details of the candidate (e-mail addresses and telephone numbers) by completing very carefully the following application form not later than July 5th, 2019.