300,000 Home Support Workers Needed in Canada 2020

300,000+ Home Support Workers Needed in Canada 2020

That your dream of relocating to Canada is about to happen within the next 3 – 6 months – for REAL!

YOU And Your Family Can Be Living In Canada As Permanent Residents By This Time Next Year…

The major obstacles for 98% of people who want to move to Canada has been removed.

By that I mean:

  • problems of proof of funds – removed.
  • problems of age – removed.
  • problems of having a relative in Canada – removed.
  • problems of work experience – removed.
  • problems of high IELTS – removed.
  • problems of NO job in Canada – removed.

If ALL these are removed,does that not make your dreams of going to Canada now possible?

I hope you are feeling my excitement?

This is HOT cake!

Africa no be am! (sorry to say but its the truth)

So if you are really serious about moving to Canada with this NEW WAY with ALL obstacles removed,

Click on the image below 


The Home Care Providers industry in Canada is a growing industry, with a multitude of diverse companies offering services to growing the healthcare markets.

This industry caters largely to the elderly population, which is growing at a rate exceeding the national population growth rate in Canada, as well as to individuals who have one or two ailments like dementia, arthritis etc and some with disabilities. Also caring for children in this category.


When we talk about disabilities, you must know its not those dirty beggars we see along the road, we are talking of one of the Top 3 most-developed countries of the world here.

So, many disabled people in Canada use computers to communicate, some drive cars, some have automated beds for sleeping, wheel chairs that use batteries, people who go shopping either themselves
or with their care assistants.

This is a $4.3biIIiôn Industry.


For those of us in Africa, think about this industry like having a home or center that is catered towards taking care of our elderly parents where workers are paid between $2500 – $3500 Monthly.

That is #750,000 – #1,050,000 Monthly!

Now that this is now cleared, one thing you need to know is there is a MASSIVE demand for people to work with these Home care provider organisations and companies.

See some evidence of this on the NEWS in January 2020 here!

It is a Canadian Emergency where they are looking for people ready to work to fill and they are ready to pay handsomely.

That’s not all.


These organisations and companies are willing to give you an employment letter which you can use to process your Canadian Work Permit to enter Canada to work.

This is why you now have NO need for proof of funds to apply for your visa.

Just having this letter signed by the company REMOVES that headache…

I’m talking about removing the need for you to show any proof of funds in your account because you are simply going there to work for the company!


When you get these jobs anywhere in Canada,you are allowed to move with your entire immediate family to Canada with your partner having what is called an OPEN Work Permit.

This Open Work permit allows your wife or husband to work anywhere in Canada or do business in Canada.

So you have DOUBLE High Incomé.

So if you are sharp, you will immediately see this as a Clear Pathway to Canada – it is legal, cheaper and  faster.

Your spouse works as a Home Support Worker while you work anywhere else.

The 6th point is:

This Home-Care work isn’t gender-specific.

I’m sure you know that there are male nurses.

So, if you are an unmarried man, or even married and you truly want to relocate to Canada but it seems hard or UN-achievable, USE this route.

Step by Step Guide to LEAVE the Home Care Industry

I’m aware that you would not want to stay on the Home-Care job forever.

Tha’ts fair enough.

What matters is getting INTO Canada first

So how would you change your job and how long?

There is a process of doing this so you don’t get deported and all your efforts of your dream country gone.

Let me itemize this for you.

1. The first step to relocating to Canada with your family using this easiest pathway to Canada is to get a Canadian job while in Africa first.


This is explained in this blueprint

2. Once you get this job, you use the information inside the blueprint together with the sponsor letter from your employing company to apply and provided your medicals are fine,you WILL be given your Canadian visa.

3. Pack your bags and you and your family enter the nearest flight to Canada.

4. Get settled in at a small bed and breakfast hotel, meet up with your employer and your training and work starts.

5. Receive your first #750,000 salary in the next 30 days.

6. Pay for your house rent, sort your family back home in Africa, save and flex.

7. Do this every month for the next 24 months.

You can’t leave your job in the home care route before your visa expires, but you can change jobs in the same home-care industry.

8. While the 24 months is passing, you are attending school to brush up your Canadian
education because by the end of the two years you have a 2nd tool to get a BETTER job…

… which is your Canadian Education.

So two tools you need to get a BETTER job and your DREAM job in Canada, you need:

– Canadian work experience
– Canadian education.

So with your home-care route and job, you are using one stone to kill two BIG birds.

9. Just at the end of your 2 year visa, you apply for your Permanent Residency in Canada and you can then switch to your dream job or remain in the same industry.

10. Next, you then convert your Permanent Residency permit to a Canadian passport and then you can ditch your Local passport”if you want” 🙂

Now, the question you might be asking is:

“How do I start and begin the process you have listed above?”

Well, 3 things are involved:

1) Have as little as an OND in your education

2) Have a minimum of 5.0 in your IELTS exam.

3) Get a Job in Canada and Apply using the => step-by-step guide inside this Blueprint here

P.S: Please forward this series to your family and friends so they can learn from it too.

This is a gôlden opportunity.

Dont miss it for any reason if you really want to move to canada

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